Vacation Homes, Multi-family, Commercial Properties

Garza Contractors offers a full range of estate property management services for vacation homes and second properties as well as property management for multi-family properties, condominium complexes and even commercial properties. We can help by:

  • Representing owners’ interests in vendor, service and supplier management
  • Maintaining property security; safety and threat-mitigation
  • Managing permitting and inspection schedules for new designs and contraction
  • Asset management and inventory control systems
  • Property maintenance including repairs, touch-ups and scheduling service calls
  • Assessing storm threats and readying properties for weather events
  • Developing budgets; negotiating and reviewing supplier contracts
  • Providing access control for real estate purposes as well as vendor and supplier maintenance scheduling

Trust Garza Contractors to care for your property and keep it well-maintained, safe and secure. Get started with a complimentary consultation.



Save with Property Management

Did you know you could actually save money by hiring a property management firm?

Owners are often reluctant to hire a management firm because of the initial costs involved.But hiring a property management firm can actually protect your investment and retain your property value by keeping your property in top shape.

A good property management firm can help you screen potential renters, weatherize and protect your home or condo against the elements, prepare it in advance for season occupancy and even negotiate contracts to get the best price on supplies and services.