Certified Bosch Installation Contractor

With over 125 years of strategic partnerships and alliances with leading vehicle manufacturers, Bosch Car charging stations deliver proven technology to electric vehicle drivers. Bosch have installed charging stations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Garza Contractors are proud to be a Bosch Certified Contractor, involved with this energy-saving solution. We offer installation services, and have a variety of charging stations from multiple charging partners including Power Max, Power Xpress and GE WattStation.

Workspace Charging Solutions

Interested in charging your plug-in electric vehicle at work? Garza Contractors guide employers through the process of purchasing and installing a 240V car charging station. Our Trained Vehicle Charging Advisors help employers understand and take advantage of the benefits a car charging stations can bring to your profit and company profile. To get started, get in touch today and a Vehicle Charging Advisor will contact your employer!


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